Motif Spindle Clown

The colorful clown spins swiftly and fills the bill for Mardi Gras season - A sensational crafting decoration!

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Motif Spindle Clown

The colorful clown spins swiftly and fills the bill for Mardi Gras season - A sensational crafting decoration!

This is what you need:

Download templates, 2 Styrofoam® balls Ø 70 + 30mm, 1 synthetic pin, gloss paper, PLAKA (Gold), fineliner (black), kitchen knife, Pelifix all-purpose glue or crafting glue (glue must be suitable for Styrofoam ®), 1 shashlik skewer, a long darning needle and a pair of scissors.


This is how it works:

  1. First, paint the larger Styrofoam® ball with PLAKA gold and let it dry thoroughly.
  2. Meanwhile, print out the download template and start with the hat. Transfer the template onto a piece of red gloss paper and cut it out. Fold it to the shape of a cone and glue it together along the gluing flap. Then cut off the tip , so that you can push the hat onto the shashlik skewer more easily.
  3. The hands are cut out of a piece of strong colored paper, the legs are made of red gloss paper. To prevent the legs from curling later on, support them with a second layer of paper.
  4. Transfer the neck part onto a piece of green gloss paper, cut it out and add a se-cond layer as well.
  5. Cut out the heads from the gloss paper. There is no need to support the heads, as they will be attached to the belly.
  6. Prick a hole into the center of the Styrofoam® ball, so that they slide onto the shashlik skewer easily.

  1. It is put together like sandwich - from bottom to top: First, slide the large ball onto the shashlik skewer, then comes the neck part, then the small ball and fi-nally follows the hat. To fasten the parts, apply some glue between the balls, the neck part and the hat.

  1. After the glue has dried, attach the feet and hands the same way. Mark the areas for the hands and feet with a fineliner on the large ball. Make a hole through the markings using the kitchen knife. Apply glue onto the gluing areas for the hands and the feet and slide them into the holes made by the knife.
    Caution: Children should ask an adult for help!

Surely, you and your students will come up with more Mardi Gras crafting motifs.

Here are some ideas:

  • Policeman (Painted blue, golden buttons and a round cap instead of a hat)
  • Dragon (with red cardboard triangles that are stuck into the back / painted in green with small yellow dots; mouth fire-red)
  • Princess/Damsel (with a tulle skirt glued onto the ball and the tip of the hat / painted in pink/purple.)
  • Witch (paint, hat and neck part in black / maybe with a cardboard broom)
  • Bee/Ladybug (the ball painted accordingly / feelers instead of a hat / small wings pinned on)

Frame for the motif spindle clown

  1. Construct the frame according to the instruction manual 
  2. If you don't happen to have golden cardboard for the frame, you can use golden PLAKA paint as well. With your help, a plain, colorless piece of cardboard will be-come a shiny decorative item for a felicitous Mardi Gras party!

Motif spindle clown on a suitable rotary base...

...or hung up on a piece of string as a classroom decoration!