The art of creating a Maki-e fountain pen - a movie

The short film shows the making of a Pelikan Maki-e fountain pen.

Maki-e is a tradition-steeped, artistic craftsmanship in Japan, in which delicate patterns are sprinkled onto objects of all kinds. Using specially prepared Urushi lacquer - which is won from the sap of the Japanese lacquer tree - and different precious metal powders, filigree motifs are created in a very time-consuming process. The mastery of the artistic craftsmanship of Maki-e and its numerous techniques requires many years of intensive training. Our film watches the popular leading Maki-e artist in Japan, Mushu Yamazaki, at his fascinating work and records, in impressive images, the making of a precious Pelikan Maki-e fountain pen.

Each Pelikan Maki-e fountain pen is a hand-made, unique piece of art - built for eternity. The material properties of the applied lacquers are unique. Despite its solid consistency, the hardened lacquer maintains a lot of its elasticity, which makes it durably resistant to cracking. This way, a Pelikan Maki-e fountain pen preserves the richness of its details, even after many years.