Pelikan combino®

Colourful drawing fun plus mix-and-match excitement with the new combino range from Pelikan

12 brilliant colours

Anything is possible with the new Pelikan combino colouring pencils: a mouse, a bear or why not create a mousebear! The fantastic animal patterns can be combined in any way imaginable, ensuring hours of colouring fun. Twelve bright colours, including skin colour, allow children to unleash their creativity.

The ergonomic triangular shape, practical space for names and soft quality lead make the chunky colouring pencils perfectly suited for children aged between five and seven.

Ergonomic shape

The triangular shape provides optimum support to children and encourages them to hold the pencil correctly. Drawing is one of the steps taken before learning to write, and it is also where children first master fine motor skills.

Let the fun begin

Boost your creativity by bringing that picture to life. Start right now to create your own animal kingdom.

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