• Axel Bree

    Axel Bree: "My loyal and most important companions: my fountain pen, my notepad and my suitcase"

    Axel Bree

    "Dear family, after touring the Andes, searching for new ideas, now a short stopover in the metropolis Buenos Aires, one of the megacities of South America. My loyal and most important companions, which you have specially prepared for my trip - my fountain pen, my notepad and my suitcase - haven't let me down so far. My latest idea is a bag made of finest but most durable Argentinean leather that captures the emotional world of the Argentinean tango, strict and yet explosive. I made a drawing to it. I can't wait to hold you in my arms again in 3 weeks."


    About Axel Bree

    BREE – The bag. 'Sincerely yours.' stands for: Innovation, quality and durability. Since 2011, Axel Bree is sole managing Director of the company. He realigned the collection and established the brand BREE in the upper price range.

  • Claus Hipp

    Claus Hipp has been writing with his Pelikan fountain pen ever since his college days

    Claus Hipp

    "Ever since my time in college I have been using this same Pelikan fountain pen. Writing is fun. My father used to have an especially neat handwriting and he put a lot of emphasis on handwriting. Writing neatly is much easier when using a writing instrument made by Pelikan. Important letters I write by hand. Many recipients appreciate that. I also still use my father's fountain pen, which already has been in use for over 50 years now. There is no better proof of quality for Pelikan! I wish Pelikan all the best."


    About Claus Hipp

    "For this I stand with my name" - This advertising slogan made Claus Hipp famous. He has lead the family company to the largest producer of baby foods worldwide using natural resources made by organic-biological cultivation. He is counted among the prototypes of honest, humble businessmen.

  • Heinz Rudolf Kunze

    Heinz Rudolf Kunze values the experience and quality of Pelikan

    Heinz Rudolf Kunze

    "In the age of the digital media, handwritten letters are something very special. An art that is only brought to bear when having chosen the right pen. That is why I value the experience and quality of Pelikan."


    About Heinz Rudolf Kunze

    Constantly known in the German music scene: As a rock musician, a voice artist, a poet and a composer Heinz Rudolf Kunze repeatedly succeeds in combining exceptionally good rock music with extraordinary creative poetry.

  • Prof. Dr. Hellmuth Karasek

    Prof. Dr. Hellmuth Karasek: "One feels within good tradition"

    Prof. Dr. Hellmuth Karasek

    "One day, I literally threw my typewriter in the corner out of fury, because I kept typing "form" instead of "from" and "bread" instead of "beard". Because I never became friends with a computer either, I returned to the good old fountain pen. All my books, from "Billy Wilder" over "Mein Kino", "Go West" and "Hand in Handy" to "Das Magazin", I have written with my fountain pen. Also my articles for the newspaper I have been writing by hand for over 12 years now. - It certainly is a privilege, as well. Whenever I can, I write with purple ink in my black&green striped Pelikan fountain pen - just like I am in this letter. You feel - if an idea comes to mind - comfortable, within good tradition and with a slightly nostalgic touch."


    About Prof. Dr. Hellmuth Karasek

    Since 1992, he worked as a professor at the Institute of Theater Sciences at the University of Hamburg. Among other newspapers, Hellmuth Karasek worked for 'Die Welt', 'Welt am Sonntag' and the 'Berliner Morgenpost'.

  • Elke Heidenreich

    Elke Heidenreich - fountain pen writer since 1949

    Elke Heidenreich

    "Let's hear it for the handwriting? Yes, if it were the hand itself who was writing. You ought to try to drink ink and let your fingers fly over the paper...? Why of course not: there is the wonderful fountain pen, it drinks the ink, lies calmly and elegantly in the hand, flies over the paper and writes directly from the head, over the heart, through the hand, the words that are important now. My fountain pen, I declare my love to you. What would I have done without you in all these years of writing?"


    About Elke Heidenreich

    Elke Heidenreich is a free author and works for the radio, television and the press. From April 2003 until October 2008 she hosted the German television show "Lesen!" for the TV broadcaster ZDF (second channel of German television broadcasting).

  • Katja von Garnier

    Katja von Garnier's ideas stream from hand to paper

    Katja von Garnier

    "Journal, idea book, first ideas for a script and memories still keep streaming from hand to paper. Not only for nostalgic reasons, but also because these processes deserve sensuality, which is - as much as I love them - withheld from the good old Imac and, eventually, the ballpoint pen, as well. And so, I listen carefully to the "pop", when opening the cap of my fountain pen, remembering my childhood days when I had ink smeared fingers, and I am so glad to have the ink streaming directly onto the paper, now without assistance from my finger tips..."

    About Katja von Garnier

    From 1989 to 1994 Katja von Garnier studied Direction at the HFF - the University for Television and Film - in Munich. The German director and screenwriter now lives in Hollywood with her family.

  • Hinnerk Baumgarten

    Hinnerk Baumgarten: "Without my mobile phone and my fountain pen, I don't leave the house"

    Hinnerk Baumgarten

    "When speaking of Pelikan, not only the city of Hanover - the companies hometown - is brought into connection with Pelikan, but also the aspirations for quality and style. Without my mobile phone and my fountain pen, I don't leave the house!"


    About Hinnerk Baumgarten

    For over seven years, he successfully hosted the morning radio show at Hitradio Antenne for Lower Saxony, Germany. Since 2006 he belongs to the regular staff at the television station NDR Fernsehen in Hamburg.

  • Andreas Wurm

    Andreas Wurm: All from one source and nib

    Andreas Wurm

    "As a kid I had a Pelikano, today: A Souverän! And yet they are from one source and nib."


    About Andreas Wurm

    He is a journalist, host and spokesman. He works for many radio and TV stations. He is a stadium announcer for the German Football Association/National Soccer Team. He is a television host for many prominent events, such as the Presseball Berlin - the oldest social ball in the world, as well as the Turngala - a gala presenting the world's best acrobats and gymnasts and the sportsman of the year.