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Reservation – Make-A-Wish-Nib

Details about your Make-A-Wish-nib appointment:

We schedule 60 minutes time for the mentoring service and the purchase of a specially cut nib. Please note, that we can only produce one nib in this time. If you are interested in two nibs, please make two appointments.

For organizational reasons, these appointments can only be booked two weeks before your personal appointment on Friday.

You can easily arrange that appointment via internet booking. Please check our website www.pelikan.exclusive, section “passion” for “Make-a-wish-nib”.

Payment is made on site and in cash, or via debit or credit card (Master or Visa).

After you have booked an appointment, you will get a questionnaire from us that we would like you to answer. These detailed information will help us to prepare your nib in the best possible way. With the expert knowledge of our nib specialists we will prepare your nib as close to your expectations as possible. But till your visit the nib is not finalized yet.

During your visit you will talk with our nib specialist to clear up any unresolved questions and test your Make-A-Wish-Nib personally. With these information we will finalize in the production your nib according to your final comments. Aiming to satisfy your expectations by 100%.

Reservation - Factory tour

Details about our Pelikan factory tour:

The factory tour will take about 2 hrs and comprises of all main stations a writing instrument goes through until it leaves the Pelikan site, e.g. the injection molding machine, manufacturing and assembly. The factory tour will costs 15,00 € for each person.

For safety purposes, please mind wearing shoes that cover your entire foot.

Children should be at least 11 years of age. Unfortunately, children under 11 may not take part in the "Make a wish nib" tour.

Book a package – Make-A-Wish-Nib & Factory Tour

The timing is everything:

If you would like to book the factory tour and also make an appointment for the "Make a wish nib", please choose either 8:00 a.m., 9:00 a.m., 12:00 a.m. or 13.00 a.m. for the "Make a wish nib", as the factory tour starts at 10:00 and takes 2 hrs.

Should you like to reschedule or may a question arise, please email us at with the subject line "Make a wish nib" or "factory tour".

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