Highlighter 490 in case
with four or six bright colors
The Highlighter 490 in case from Pelikan

The Highlighter 490 in case is available with four or six bright colors. The highlighter has a twist-off cap and a special tip.

Highlighter 490 in case

In top form

  • Excellent Design
  • "Twist-Off-cap" is easy to open
  • Special tip for marking in 3 widths
  • Grip grooves make marking comfortable
  • Universal ink on water basis guarantees even fluorescence on practical all papers
  • High fluorescence and good transparency mean that text is clearly highlighted
  • High performance due to high ink volume
  • Optimal ink flow through ink fibre tip

Available in 6 colours: Fluor. Yellow, Fluor. Pink, Fluor. Green, Fluor. Orange, Fluor. Blue, Fluor. Red