Edelstein® Ink Cartridges
Edelstein® Ink Cartridges

Exclusive ink collection in gemstone colors and an elegant metal case.

Edelstein® Ink Cartridges

Pelikan sets new standards in the world of ink with the Edelstein® Ink Collection. The colors resemble those of real gemstones from all around the world. A special supplement provides particularly smooth writing and at the same time maintains the fountain pen from the inside.

The elegant metal case contains 6 large-capacity ink cartridges of the same color.

Further information: Edelstein® Ink by Pelikan

Available in 9 colors:

garnetaquamarine "Ink of the Year 2016"
onyx (black)amethyst "Ink of the Year 2015"
onyx (black)onyx (black)
sapphire (blue)sapphire (blue)
topaz (purple-blue)topaz (turquoise-blue)
ruby (dark red)ruby (red)
aventurine (green)aventurine (green)
tanzanitetanzanite (blue-black)
garnet (garnet red)garnet (dark red)