Stola I Ballpoint pen

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A high-quality character ballpoint pen

The shiny black surface gives the new Pelikan Stola I Ballpoint its high-quality character at a smart price benefit. This ballpoint pen possesses a turning mechanism and an exchangeable, high-capacity black writing color refill. With the Stola I ballpoint pen, Pelikan has developed a modern writing device as a basis for a successful start into the business world. The Stola I ball point pen is delivered in a transparent gift tube.

Product details

  • Ballpoint pen with a turning mechanism
  • Aluminum upper body, shiny-black lacquer
  • Brass lower body, matt-black lacquer
  • Exchangeable high-capacity refill, in black writing color
  • The ballpoint pen is delivered in a transparent gift tube.
  • Fitting refills: International high-capacity Pelikan 337 refills available in blue, black and red writing colors; three different stroke widths F, M, B