The year 2015 at Pelikan starts with some great new products! Some of you may already have had a glimpse of the pictures – but here’s the full information! These pens will be available starting February / March 2015 at your favorite retailers. We can’t wait!

Beate Böker

We are very excited to add this new color variation to our standard collection of Souverän pens. The subtle anthracite color of these pens is bound to fit to the suit of any elegant man.

When you’re sipping your favorite coffee, this fountain pen or ball pen is the perfect accessory. The attractive combination of cream and brown is not only unusal, it also has a faint retro touch that makes it doubly interesting.

This color was developed by our fans on Facebook! We really love the result and are happy to present our version of "purple rain", available both as an Edelstein Ink bottle or an Edelstein Ink cartridge, with the melodic name "amethyst"!

This makes us proud: We have won a Finalist Certificate in the prestigious WORLD LUXURY AWARD of Monaco that honors creative excellence in luxury communication. The Pelikan calendar 2014 with stunning photographs by our photographer Florian Bilges (you might remember the give away on Facebook last year) is a true piece of art.