The best part about being a fountain pen enthusiasts is the community, and that’s why we’re happy to get to know bloggers who focus on fountain pens. After having been in touch with a few, we wondered if you might like to hear about them, too, so we decided to introduce the one or the other to you. Today, we have two special guests, one from Belgium, and one from the US. Have fun reading!

Beate Böker

Joshua Danley’s blog „The Pelikan’s Perch“ in the US is very informative and shows a huge variety of fountain pens. Read more here:


In Belgium, Dries Bleus blogs about many different pen brands. In 2014, he did a Pelikan week that delighted us and is well worth sharing.

Pelikan is famous for its amazing demonstrators that require a very careful production process. We’re glad to offer the 805 now for a limited time.

In Japan, a Koi (carp) is a symbol for stamina and determination. The Maki-e artists of Pelikan celebrated this theme with this beautiful Limited Edition.