This spring, we launch an exciting new product: Cartridge fountain pens in the classic Pelikan style! But no need to be afraid: This is very clearly an addition to our existing range. We have no plans whatsoever to discontinue the piston fountain pens. Instead, we wish to find new customers who prefer the easy cartridge filling system to the more time-consuming piston filling.

Happy writing... no matter which filling system you prefer!

Beate Böker

The cartridge fountain pens are available in black with either gold (P200) or silver chromed (P205) fittings. The P is short for Patrone (cartridge in German). You can easily distinguish the piston fountain pens from the cartridge fountain pens by the position of the ring: If there’s no ring at the end of the barrel (but at the front), then it’s the cartridge version.


To round off the experience, we have developed cartridges with the “oh là là effect” – packed inside an attractive metal box with elegant embossing, these cartridges are perfect as a little gift. Available in 7 colors!


Every March, we launch our new Edelstein Ink of the Year. This year’s color is “garnet” – a darker red than ruby. And it’s also available as a cartridge!