You’re invited to join in our new project – the Pelikan Hubs!

What’s one of the most fascinating and satisfying elements of being a collector or lover of Pelikan fountain pens? We believe it’s the community: To find friends who share the same passion.

Pelikan fans are scattered all over the world, and to get them together, we have come up with a fun project: The Pelikan hubs.

On June 13, at 7.30PM local time, we want our fans to meet at several hubs all over the world. You will help us to define which city will become a Pelikan hub by registering now. Every one who attends one of the hubs will be welcomed with a bright green notebook that perfectly matches our highlighting fountain pen, the M205 Duo shiny green.

Are you going to join us on June 13? We sure hope so! To learn more and apply, click here: