Fineliner 96®

Fineliner 96®

Modern silver look

The line width of the Pelikan Fineliners is 0.4mm. This makes them ideal for particularly fine and precise drawings, and ideally suited for precise sketches with a template and ruler. Of course, the fineliners also cut a fine figure when sketching, writing, marking and underlining in different colors!

  • Line width 0.4mm for fine writing, drawing and sketching

  • Water based ink

  • Suitable for rulers and stencils

  • Ventilated cap and metal-framed tip for a long service life

  • Ergonomic groove profile for high writing comfort

Fineliner 96® assorted

The special ergonomic groove profile of the fineliner supports the natural hand position and enables fatigue-free writing.

The metal-framed tip gives the fineliner a high-quality feel and gives direct feedback via the pressure of the writing tip on the paper.

The Pelikan fineliners are available in: black, blue, red, green, pink, purple, light green, brown, orange and yellow. The colours black, blue and green are document-proof according to DIN ISO 12757-2

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