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Our Sustainable Economic Contribution

Under the helm of Pelikan International Corporation Berhad, our business spans worldwide with subsidiaries present in 22 countries to serve each local market and also exports to the surrounding countries where local subsidiaries are not present. With these worldwide presence, the Group makes economic contributions in respective countries by creating jobs in various functions.

As of 31 December 2018, the Group had a total headcount of 1,735 employees (2017: 1,916). Out of the total workforce, 1,085 (62.5%) of the Group’s employees were based in Europe, 575 (33.1%) from offices in Americas, and 75 (4.4%) were based in Rest of the World regions.

In every market we operate in, we ensure good corporate governance and responsible business operations, foster a dynamic and safe workplace, and pursue sustainable and forward thinking business practices that will benefit future generations.