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Our Sustainable Social Contribution

Our People, Our Treasure

Our people play a vital role in the ongoing success of our company. Our goals are to provide employment and remuneration that is fair and free of discrimination in our workplace. Their health and safety, well-being and work environment are important to Pelikan, and we have policies in place to make sure of that. We aim to provide a working environment that is secure with ongoing improvements in the health and safety performance as well as employees’ quality of life.

Employment and Diversity

Pelikan Group operates a non-discriminatory policy and provides equal opportunity in all aspects of employment including gender diversity. As of 31 December 2018, the Group’s employees mix for male and female was 56%: 44% (2017: mix for male and female was 57%: 43%).

It is unfortunate this year that two of our female Board members have resigned end of 2018 and early 2019. The Board is in the process of filling the vacancy and hopes that we will also be able to nominate new female Directors to the Board.

Health and Safety

It is important to us that the working conditions we offer are always improving. Pelikan believes that all injuries, occupational illnesses, and safety and environmental incidents are preventable. The Group is committed to zero for these incidents. We also promote off-the-job safety for employees.

For the year, the major plants’ injuries and occupational illnesses incidence rate was 28 as compared to 40 in the prior year. The incident rate is well within industry standards and the Group will continue to monitor and improve the rates to ensure that the health and safety of our employees are well taken care off.

The Group conducts regular health and safety inspections, and implements safety and health improvement activities for employees annually. The Group practices safety measures for controlling equipment and machinery, extensive promotion of safety and hygiene in workplace such as the improvement to the preventive fire protection and emergency preparedness and response, implements measures for occupational injuries and illnesses, as well as promote health maintenance programmes for employees, such as the skin protection campaign for the workers. The Group also offers annual preventive influenza vaccination and cardiovascular checkups for all production workers which will continue in 2019. In additions, we implemented periodical preventive medical checkups for workers facing potential side effects for hearing and seeing, noise control, driving/control/monitoring duties, fall risks, and special climate and environment conditions.

Performance Management

Pelikan believes that employees who are managed effectively and supported to perform to their full potential make the Group more efficient and competitive. The further education and development of employees are also important to us, as highly-qualified employees are the most important resources of any company. The Group believes that the Group’s business always grow together with our employees and much emphasis is put into ensuring our employees are equipped with the knowledge to perform their work and keep abreast of relevant market developments in addition to also having the right trainings/courses for employee’s personal development. We therefore place great values on the topic of training, whereby we provide annual training for our people in different professions. We strive to empower our people with equal learning and development opportunities, ensure they are happy at work and have the tools and resources they need to give their best.

Throughout the year, the Group invested approximately RM714,000 (2017: RM586,000) in training and development of our employees to enhance knowledge or skills which are directly and indirectly related to our employees daily work.


Pelikan continues to engage in programmes that provide young people with skills and on-the-job training. We regard this as one of Pelikan’s social responsibility - to provide jobrelated skills and basic work training to young people. In 2018, the Group hired 8 apprentices as permanent employees within the 81 ongoing apprentices training within several different technical and vocational departments, mainly in our production facilities.

Employee Welfare

Employee welfare in the form of medical coverage, subsidised meals and in-house cafeterias are offered by the Group. Activities which encourage good health and lifestyle are also practiced.

Diverse and Dynamic Workforce

As a global employer, Pelikan Group works towards creating a more diverse and dynamic workforce in order to take on business challenges, opportunities and growth transformations. Pelikan Group is committed to building a work environment which provides employees the opportunities to improve and develop their capabilities, skills and talents. All employees should be able to build their career, develop to their fullest potential, work in confidence with the Company, and grow with us professionally and personally. We continuously emphasise on teamwork, respect between colleagues, and effective employee engagement to generate higher productivity, lower turnover rate and better operational results.

By adopting human resource policies that ensure employees’ performances are reviewed, supervised, and rewarded accordingly, employees’ contributions to the Group are highly valued and supported.


We want to have a positive influence on the social and environmental well-being of the local communities by empowering them through education. We have special interest in the welfare of children, young people, as well as the underprivileged, the marginalised and the disabled. Pelikan, believing that all children need to be given a chance to develop to their full potential, views education as the greatest gift that a child could be given.

Close Involvement with Teachers and Parents

Pelikan is the quality brand that will last a lifetime. Whether in the kindergarten or in school, in the office, during leisure time or - the finest form of communication - when writing with a premium writing implement: Pelikan products are reliable life-long companions.

We are able to draw on decades of experience in educational expertise and work closely together with teachers and institutes. Pelikan’s new developments are consistently oriented towards future generations, and contribute to improving quality of life. Our goal is to provide individuals with capabilities that will enable them to actively and responsibly shape the future.

We offer teachers, parents and pupils help and inspiration. A teachers’ Portal, which is available at our website (www., provides teaching ideas and materials and answers questions. Parents can also find interesting tips and suggestions for optimal development of their children on Pelikan parents’ portal. During the year, our Belgium office have also created a platform ( for interactions with the teachers and pupils.

Community Projects

Besides making regular product donations as well as in-kind donations to charitable causes, Pelikan employees have been active volunteers in community projects forged through partnerships with community groups, non-government organisations and educational institutions. Throughout the year, various activities were organised by the Group for the children’s wellbeing.

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