Mouse-shaped wax crayons

Playful learning of motor skills

Painting supports the creative development of children, while their ability to concentrate is trained at the same time. The wax mice promote motor skills through their special shape. During the first attempts at painting, the wax mice support the paw grip, which is an important step in the development of learning to write. With their six colours, the Pelikan wax mice invite you to colourful painting fun. Even with increased effort, the sturdy mice withstand, and the little artists can unflinchingly conjure up creative works of art.



  • Child-friendly wax crayons in ergonomic mouse shape
  • In 6 bright colours

  • No staining on the hands
  • Support of the paw grip - important for preparing to write

For small artists to download: The mouse colouring page

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Mouse-shaped wax crayons 501/6 box



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