Thick round wax crayon

Thick round wax crayon

Create lots of colourful pictures!

Ideal for children's hands and for their first attempts at painting: Our wax crayons are a popular painting and writing tool among children, whether at school or in kindergarten. That is why the Pelikan wax painters should not be missing from the painting utensils. Thanks to the thick and soft leads, even inexperienced little artists immediately have a great sense of achievement.



  • For painting and learning to write
  • Water-soluble, bright colours, easy application
  • With beeswax
  • Break-resistant

  • Ideal for children's hands
  • Hard-wearing box with clip closure
  • Easy to open and close securely
  • With a scraper on the inside of the lid

Wachsmaler 666/8 WL

K12 opaque tempera 01

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8 Wax crayons round 666/8

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