Space+® 12 paint box


For more painting fun!

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This makes painting and swinging brushes fun!

Our Space+® paint box comes with bright colors and a trendy design - a real eye-catcher! The paint box offers 12 quality colours and 10 extra large mixing fields to mix all nuances. A tube of opaque white is of course part of the equipment of the paint box. The bowls in the paint box are arranged according to the scheme of the colour wheel, for example to clearly show the complementary colours.

Small tips for great painting fun! With this brochure we would like to give you a few small, simple tips on how you can support your child’s creativity development.

So, grab your brush and water and off you go!

The paint bowls of the opaque paint box are easy to change, the mixing palette is easy to clean - for untroubled joy in painting. The paint box is available in two colors: blue and magenta.

Colour box with 12 quality colours for brilliant painting

  • Stable material - ideal for children
  • 10 extra large mixing fields
  • A tube of opaque white included
  • Easily exchangeable colour bowls
  • Color palette can be used in the lid to save space
  • Clear representation of the colour wheel
  • The paint box is “Made in Germany”