K24 paint box!

Strong colors, particularly easy to mix

animacion shapes

Ideal for art classes or for hobbies

The K 24 opaque paint box from Pelikan is a real classic among paint boxes! Our top product for school and hobby contains high-yield colours and opaque white.

This leaves nothing to be desired, whether in art class at school or for your hobby. The 24 colors are strong and rich, for bright images. Each opaque paint box comes with 1 tube of opaque white to mix beautiful pastel shades.

The paint boxes from Pelikan for unlimited creativity. Have fun painting!

  • Opaque paint box with 24 colours and 1 tube of opaque white.
  • Contains paint box with 12 colours in the upper part.
  • 12 additional colours in the lower part.
  • New colour tablets with recess for faster dissolving of the colour.
  • Replaceable colour bowls in a new design.
  • Removable lids with large mixing pots.
  • Name field that can be written on in the lid of the paint box.
  • Easy opening and closing with large push buttons.

Now also customisable

Recently, the colours can now be mixed with one another on the screen. Discover new colours with the colour mixer.

You can find tips for removing opaque paint stains from our stain doctor.

Already knew? The popular paint box has been around since 1931. To this day, the K12® from Pelikan has accompanied most of the German pupils in school for years.


Opaque white, spare paints.

Loren ipsum combino Schreiblernbleistifte mit dem praktischen Namensfeld und weicher B-Mine werden in 2 Motivausführungen pink und blau angeboten. Durch ihre Tiermotive sind sie mit den combino Buntstiften lustig kombinierbar. Mit ihrer ergonomischen Dreikantform unterstützen sie die Kinder optimal beim Schreiblern-Prozess und fördern gezielt die richtige Handhaltung für eine.

K12 opaque tempera 01

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