ProColor® 12 paint box

ProColor® 12 paint box

For more painting fun!

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This makes painting and swinging brushes fun!

The ProColour ® 12 paint box offers 12 bright quality colours, a removable mixing palette and two removable water boxes - a real all-rounder! The individual colour bowls are also easy to change and the mixing palette is super easy to clean. A tube of opaque white is of course part of the equipment of the paint box

So, grab your brush and water and off you go!


In an extraordinary design - with particularly extensive equipment and 12 bright colours. For school and leisure.

  • Opaque paint box according to DIN 5023
  • 2 removable water boxes
  • Removable mixing pallet
  • Interchangeable colour bowls
  • 1 bristle brush 613 F / 10
  • 1 tube of opaque white