What is joy?

Joy is one of the most beautiful feelings.

When you are completely on your own or when you are with other people, then it’s joy. When body and mind feel light, it’s joy.


We developed the Pelikan ilo for this distinctive feeling. True to the motto "inkredible joy", our fountain pen supports frequent writers and all those who want to become one.

Every essay, every love letter, and every notebook entry becomes an experience with the Pelikan ilo.

The design of the ilo fountain pen combines modern structure and comfort. Say goodbye to undesired pressure sores on the middle finger – thanks to the soft-touch grip zone, our fountain pen sits ideally in the hand and guarantees clean writing, and sometimes a beautiful writen script can earn you one or two extra points in exams.

  • Design

    Slim shape with modern structured design. Lightweight, 12 grams (without ink).

  • Comfort

    Soft-touch grip zone relieves pressure to the middle finger.

  • Ink

    Large ink level window. Ink cartridges in different colours available separately.

  • For Left and right handed people

    Due to its special grip zone the ilo is equally suitable for both right-and left-handed.

  • Environmental friendly

    The ilo is sustainably packaged.

In addition, with its 12 grams, the ilo is a real lightweight, suitable for both right and left handers. And best of all, with the large window for checking the ink level, you will never have to worry about empty ink cartridges again, which are offered in different colors so you can bring variety from your fountain pen to the paper. The Pelikan ilo is available in modern colours: blue, red, black and white.

ilo red pen 1
ilo red pen 1
ilo red pen 1
ilo gray pen 1

Our line



notes ilo A6/32 pages dotted FSC Mix



Ink eradicator ilo 475M 50 pcs polybag



ilo Tintenlöscher 475M/2/B Blister



FP ilo P475 M White box



FP ilo P475 M Black box

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